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[Spain][March 9, 2020] Minister of Health Fallas Festival As Scheduled, Temperatures Will NOT be Taken At Airport


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The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has assured that, at the moment, in Spain, he does not see the suspension
of acts and concentrations necessary and, in the specic case of the Fallas, he has indicated that he does not
see any suspension measures necessary and recalled that, in these cases, the collaboration of citizens, through
personal hygiene, is also "key" and also that, if someone has symptoms, stay at home and call the health

On the other hand, he has claried that he does not contemplate suspending school classes in a general way
because experts do not see it "an effective measure" at this time, but he also does not rule it out in a possible
situation change.

At the moment, the suspension of classes has only occurred in the two schools of the town of Labastida (Álava),
in the case of a child. "It has only happened in specic cases such as Labastida, whose situation I was
assessing with the counselor, and the suspension seemed an appropriate measure," said the minister in
statements to Cope collected by Europa Press.

"At the moment, we are taking surgical measures, very determined to contain certain outbreaks in certain
territories," he added. Thus, he claried that in the Riojan population of Haro "there is no quarantine", since this
measure has only been applied to "an important group" to "guarantee security".

With regard to making decisions of greater scope, such as armoring territories, the minister recalled that the
Government "has mechanisms" in cases of scenarios not contemplated so that "important measures" can be
taken. However, he continues, "in this case, the actions in coordination with the communities are working very
well," because the measures "are not necessarily the same in all situations." Thus, he added that he sees "as a
strength" that communities share analysis and ways of acting.

Asked about the possibility that the coronavirus in Spain will follow the same evolution as in Italy, the minister
has assured that they work "in putting measures to prevent this from happening", although "he is not certain of
the evolution", stating that Spain It has the "obligation to prepare for any possible scenario".


In this regard, Illa has also reported that they do not plan to take measures such as temperature taking at

airports, as it is in Italy. "According to experts, it is not an effective measure, because only 55 percent of those
infected have a fever," he said. However, it does not rule out other types of measures, such as "informing
passengers much more."

Likewise, the minister has also provided data on the number of Spaniards who have already recovered from the
Covid-19 coronavirus, which amounts to 30 people. "It is an important fact because it indicates that the vast
majority has mild involvement and is recovering normally," he said.

Regarding the suspension of acts and concentrations, measures taken by other countries such as France, Illa
recalled that, for the moment, in Spain, he does not see it necessary. "We are analyzing the most worrying
situations and taking the necessary actions, but for now we believe that nothing should be suspended."

Thus, he has specied that he does not see any suspension measures necessary in the Fallas de Valencia,
remembering that, in these cases, the collaboration of the citizenry, through personal hygiene, is "key" and
recalled that, if someone has symptoms , stay at home and call the health authorities.

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