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[IMPORTANT] Please Read here BEFORE Creating a New Topic!

Thank you very much for taking the time to review the below guidelines before you create your own topic!
Truly, Thank You!

Topic Subject

When creating a new topic we ask that you use the following format for the topic subject as it will greatly assist future users in locating information.

[Country] [State/Province] [Date of Source] The name of the topic you are creating


[United States] [New York] [February 18, 2020] 27 New Suspected Cases in New York City
[South Korea] [February 27, 2020] South Korea Reports 256 New Cases - Total: 2,022

Topic Body

When it comes to the body of your topic you are free to do as you desire, for the most part, however, we do ask that you at the very least include the following two pieces of vital information:

- Source (link to news article, twitter, Facebook or otherwise)
- Screenshot of the source (Check our this Chrome Extension! -

Capturing a screenshot of the entire source may be a tad burdensome, but we ask that you attach it to your topic so future users may view it even if the original source is no longer available.

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